Grieving a loss?

Healing Begins When Hope is Found

Bringing hope, healing, and new beginnings to those grieving the death of a loved one.

How We Can Help

As a peer support organization, we understand both the pain of loss and the need for age and loss specific support programs. It is our mission to reach grieving people more effectively and with greater impact through changing despair to hope, heartbreak to healing, and transforming grief into life changing new beginnings.

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To see those who come through our program create a safe, supportive community for others in grief and help change the way our culture responds to grief and loss.


We are committed to serving all members of the community with LOVE, COURAGE, and HUMILITY. Our program is open to everyone, regardless of beliefs. Our primary purpose is to help people process their grief in a safe environment while staff and volunteers reflect these values through our actions and service.


There are five pillars that our programs are built on: Age and loss specific peer SUPPORT, Grief EDUCATION, CONNECTION with others, EMPOWERMENT of volunteer leaders, and SERVICE that brings meaning and purpose after loss.

Every Little Bit Helps

We are so grateful for every cent that allows us to help more people through their grief journey. By clicking the Donate button below, you can easily and safely make a one-time donation. Any donation can be made in memory of a loved one.