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It All Starts With Our Mission
it all starts with
our mission

New Hope Center for Grief Support is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to bringing  hope, healing, and new beginnings  to adults and children grieving the death of a loved one.  

Our vision as  a  bereavement resource center for Southeast Michigan is to see  those who’ve come through our program  create  a safe, understanding community for others in grief  and help  change the way our culture responds to grief and loss. We do this through two methods: 

  1. Direct grief support services
  2. Community Outreach, Training, and Practical Resources

New Hope Center for Grief Support is committed to serving all members of the community with  love, courage, and humility.  Our program is open to everyone, regardless of beliefs. Our primary purpose is to help people process their grief in a safe environment while staff and volunteers reflect these values through our actions and service. 

Our Program is built on Five Pillars: 

  1. Age and loss specific Peer  Support 
  2. Grief  Education  built to help understand the uniqueness of each person’s grief journey 
  3. Connection  to others who’ve experienced loss, including social outings and events 
  4. Empowerment  of volunteer leaders to guide others along the grief journey 
  5. Service opportunities that bring meaning and purpose after loss 

How We Help


New Hope Center for Grief Support was founded in 2000 by Cathy Clough, a woman who had experienced the pain of grief and the challenges of being a young widow raising three kids. As she healed, she found new beginnings in life by supporting countless others of all ages and losses through their own grief journey. Guided by her Christian faith, she modeled the core values of New Hope. She led with love, acted with courage, and served with humility. Since then, New Hope Center has served thousands of grieving individuals and families throughout Southeast Michigan. 

Our Team

Jennifer Frush

Executive Director

Jennifer was brought on staff as outreach and event coordinator in the summer of 2018. Her passion and energy helped increase New Hope’s reach and impact, leading to her taking on the position of Interim Executive Director in January of 2020. She is a member of the Northville community and has two children who attend Northville Public Schools. She truly takes pride in the community she serves! Jennifer first connected to New Hope several years ago when her father passed away and her mother joined the program. She attributes the program to bringing hope, healing, and a new beginning to her family and is grateful to now help others.

Valerie Brda

Program Coordinator

Valerie joined the New Hope staff in May of 2018 as the Office Administrator. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in writing. Valerie’s connection with New Hope started at a young age when, after losing her father, her family reached out for support and was one of the first families to go through New Hope’s program. Because of her experience, she grew up wanting to help others through grief and had even considered New Hope her “dream job” as a high school student! Prior to New Hope, Valerie worked with children who have autism and continues to volunteer at her church helping adults with special needs. 

Courtney Gillim

Grief Coordinator

Courtney joined our team in October 2021. She is an Eastern Michigan University alum with a knack for event planning and a passion for helping others. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, reading and going camping with her family. She and her husband Matt have 3 children – Noah, Ella and Jonah. Their family came to New Hope after losing their middle child, Ella Jane, at only 15 months. They have honored Ella through various volunteer opportunities at Mott Children’s Hospital, where she was a VIP patient. Courtney is excited to carry on in Ella’s memory through the work at New Hope. 

Susan Arnould

Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Susan joined the team in February 2022 as the Volunteer and Events Coordinator. She has an educational background in counseling and early childhood education, which has provided her with great experiences of working and helping others. Susan’s connection to New Hope began when she moved to the Northville area and wanted to get involved in helping in the community. Susan has experienced personal losses in her own life. She has also walked alongside others through their journeys with her husband, who served as a pastor and chaplain. Susan believes that the services and programming that New Hope provides are so beneficial, and the team of volunteers that want to serve and give back is so inspiring. She is excited to be part of the New Hope team and help bring these services to the community. In her free time, Susan enjoys traveling, biking, running, camping, and spending time spoiling her nieces and nephews.


Program Manager

Vicki joined the New Hope staff as the Program Manager in August 2022.  She holds degrees as both a paralegal and a respiratory therapist.  She has experience in programming from previous positions as executive director of two mediation centers.  She experienced the loss of her first-born child as an infant as well as both of her parents and believes that if she would have had access to the programs and services of New Hope her grief journey would have been much different. Vicki enjoys the outdoors, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her grandchildren. Vicki’s connection to New Hope started at Kid’s Camp as a camp counselor where she was touched and inspired by the volunteer and community involvement as well as the Mission and Vision of New Hope.  Vicki feels blessed to be a part of the New Hope team and excited to support New Hope’s Mission.


Business Manager

Lindsey just recently joined the New Hope staff in May 2022 as the Business Manager.  Her Northville connections, experiences with events, and non-profit management allow her to fit right in with our growing team. She enjoys spending her time in the warmth of the sun and crafting.

Kevin traute


Kevin joined the New Hope staff in August of 2022 as an intern.  He is currently attending Wayne State University for his bachelor’s in Social Work and plans on finishing his degree next May.  After his BSW is complete he has an interest to pursue a career in grief counseling.  Kevin’s connection to New Hope began when he was looking for a location for his BSW field placement.  Kevin has experienced personal losses during his life and wanted to give back to the community.

Board of Directors

Ed Doody, Chairman

Donna Melonio, Secretary

Maryellen Lewandowski, Treasurer

Kevin Bullock

Tricia Burger

Debbie Damesworth

Tom Krause

Kristen Ryeson

Beth Santer

Kathy Swierlik

Alan Walthall

Advisory Committee

Bob Kalec

Steve Rowley

Beth Voyles

Founding Directors

Cathy Clough, Founder & Executive Director Emeritus 

John & Betty Baird, Founding Board Chairman

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