Memorial Tribute Giving

Honor your loved one by making a donation to New Hope. Your donation will help another griever receive the compassionate care of New Hope services after loss. This gift can be a sympathy gift after a loss, a special day token to acknowledge your loved one, or a gift to pay to tribute to a special loved one, a volunteer, or the mission that New Hope serves. Your donation supports the work that takes place in the New Hope facility by helping fund all onsite programs, training, outreach, and support services provided to all grievers under our care.

If you choose to make a memorial donation, you can elect for the recipient’s family to be notified of your memorial donation at well. Every gift regardless of the amount if making and difference and giving HOPE.

If you are interested in making a memorial donation, click the link below and on the donation page there will be an area to include the individual’s name that you would like to donate in memory of.

If you have any questions or concerns about making a tribute donation, please reach out to Angela French at for additional information.

Honor Your Loved One With a Memorial Bulb

Honor your loved one by making a donation in exchange for a Memorial Bulb. At our annual “Merry Little Christmas Party” fundraiser, we display Memorial Bulbs that have a holiday theme painted on one side and their loved one’s name on the other side. After the fundraiser, we invite everyone to take their Memorial Bulbs home to display on their own trees. Please click below to select the number of bulbs you wish to purchase and the amount you would like to contribute (there is no set value).